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Here, you'll find craft tips, recipe suggestions, and makeup tutorials for Halloween and other spooky occasions. 

Halloween isn't just about trick-or-treating and spooky costumes. It's a season that calls for creativity and imagination in full swing. In our Halloween Guide, you'll find an array of ideas to make this special time of year even more exciting.

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What Exactly is Halloween?

Halloween, a festival celebrating all things spooky and supernatural, has evolved over millennia and encompasses a range of traditions, some ancient and some more modern.

Halloween Samhain The dead are on the way


The term "Halloween" derives from "All Hallows' Eve," indicating the eve of All Saints' Day. This festival has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, celebrated on October 31. On this day, the Celts marked the end of the harvest season and the onset of winter. They also believed that the boundary between the living and the dead dissolved, allowing spirits to return to the world of the living.

Christian Influence: 

To integrate pagan practices into Christian traditions, Pope Gregory IV, in 837, officially designated November 1 as All Saints' Day. This allowed Christians to maintain some of the customs of Samhain in a Christian context.

From Ireland to America: 

Although Halloween finds its origins in the Celtic regions, including Ireland, Scotland, and parts of Britain and France, it was Irish immigrants who played a crucial role in popularizing Halloween traditions in the USA during the 19th century.

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Halloween Symbols: 

The iconic Jack O'Lantern stems from an Irish legend. Jack, a cunning individual, deceived the devil more than once. Upon his death, neither heaven nor hell would accept him. Condemned to wander the Earth, he carried a lantern made from a turnip with a burning coal (from hell) inside. In America, pumpkins, more abundant than turnips, became the go-to carving choice for this tradition.


Today, Halloween is celebrated with much enthusiasm across age groups. Children and adults dress up in various costumes, and "trick or treating" remains a highlight. This tradition can be traced back to medieval Britain, where the poor would go door-to-door on Hallowmas (November 1) offering prayers for souls in return for food.

Halloween in Salem: 

Salem, Massachusetts, holds a unique place in Halloween celebrations because of its historical association with the infamous witch trials of 1692. The town hosts the notable "Haunted Happenings" festival every October, attracting visitors from all over.

How is Halloween celebrated

Costumes Through the Ages: 

The practice of dressing up is not a new addition to Halloween. Its origins lie in the ancient custom where individuals would disguise themselves to avoid being recognized by wandering spirits. As cultures meshed and media evolved, costumes began reflecting popular figures from movies, books, and other media.

Global Spread: 

While Halloween is heavily celebrated in the USA and parts of Europe, its influence has spread globally. Different countries have embraced the holiday, integrating their own cultural twists, making Halloween a truly international phenomenon.

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