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Witches - The Stars of Halloween

Halloween is when ghosts roam, pumpkins glow, and witches take to the skies on their brooms. Imagine soaring high above, looking down on all the trick-or-treaters walking from house to house!

Witch Costumes: From Pointy Hats to Black Cats

What's the most iconic part of a witch costume? The pointy hat, for sure! But let's not forget the cloak, magic wand, and the witch's broomstick. 

Why Are Witches So Popular on Halloween?

Witches remind us of magic, adventure, and the unknown. They're like superheroes with special powers. On Halloween, we can dress up and pretend we have magical powers too – just like our favorite witches from tales and movies!

The witch is the ultimate Halloween costume — a surefire hit with minimal risk.

Video: How to Make a Great Witch Costume

Step 1 - Shop for used clothes
Browse through thrift shops for a calf-length black dress, a black cloak or shawl, and pointy black shoes.

If you don't want to purchase a dress, simply use a large piece of black fabric and cut a hole in the top for your head.

Step 2 - Fray the hem
Cut or tear the hem of the dress into jagged strips.

Step 3 - Visit a costume store
Look in a costume store for horizontally-striped stockings — green and black or red and black are the most striking — and a witch's hat. You can also find face paint here.

Step 4 - Apply face paint
Apply an even layer of white face paint or makeup, then add brown and green smudges. Accentuate your eyes with black face paint or mascara. Complete the look with black lipstick.

Step 5 - Add warts
Attach a few warts by painting peppercorns green or black and affixing them to your face with non-toxic glue.

Step 6 - Turn your teeth gray
Chew on some black licorice or black jelly beans until your teeth become gray.

Step 7 - Craft a broomstick
Tie a bunch of real twigs to a broom handle, and you're good to go!

Did You Know?
The word "witch" comes from the Saxon word "wicca," which means "wise one," because witches were believed to possess the ability to foresee the future.

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