Halloween Drink – Eyeball

Eyeball Cocktails

Eyeball - Halloween Drink 2022

This cocktail is basically it is a gin and tonic, but with a spooky eyeball surprise.

First, mix the gin and tonic.
You can make it as strong as you like, although traditionally it's made with one part gin to two parts tonic, and then you can add a splash of red grape juice or cranberry juice for a bit of color.

What makes it a Halloween cocktail are the eyeballs.

Empty a can of lychees and fill the lychee with a frozen raspberry or a frozen blueberry to make it look like an eyeball.
Then add them to the drink to turn a simple cocktail into a spooky Halloween drink.

Eyeballs in a glass - variation 1: slice olives and freeze them in (round) ice cube molds. Works especially well for spicy drinks like Bloody Mary.

Eyeballs in a glass - variation 2: peel lychees, cut a hole in them and fill them with blueberries! The slippery surface makes your lychee eyes look deceptively real.

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