Halloween Drink – Kiss Of The Vampire

Kiss of the vampire

Kiss Of The Vampire - Halloween Drink 2022 

The bright red color of this cocktail is perfect for Halloween.

The special feature of the drink is the raspberry liqueur.
Probably the most famous version is Chambord, a French liqueur based on a recipe from the 1600s.
Some versions of the raspberry liqueur-based cocktail include sparkling wine or champagne, so there's no one right way to prepare this cocktail.

But here's a good way.

You'll need 0,85 fl oz of raspberry liqueur, then red sugar, 1,52 fl oz of vodka and some sparkling wine.
Dip the rim of a martini glass in raspberry liqueur, then roll it in the red sugar.
Then add half of the raspberry liqueur and all of the vodka to the glass, followed by some sparkling wine.
Finally, pour the remaining raspberry liqueur over the back of a spoon, creating a sort of layer

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