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Halloween Ghost Costumes

DIY Great Ghost Costume 2024

Ghosts - The Whispering Shadows of Halloween

Halloween is when ghosts drift through neighborhoods, pumpkins light up porches, and ethereal apparitions come to life. Picture yourself floating silently through the night, unseen yet all around, as kids go trick-or-treating door to door.

Ghost Costumes: From Draped Sheets to Eerie Eyes

What's the hallmark of a ghost costume? The draped white sheet, for sure! But we can't overlook those cut-out eyes, giving the costume its mysterious and haunting gaze.

Why Are Ghosts So Iconic for Halloween?

Ghosts represent the enigmatic, the great beyond, and timeless tales of the past. They're like silent spirits from another dimension, echoing stories of old. On Halloween, we get the chance to don these spectral disguises, channeling the phantoms of age-old legends and favorite spooky movies.

A ghost costume is a Halloween staple — an effortless choice bound to be a hit.

Video: How to Make a Ghost Costume 

Don't be intimidated by the thought of crafting your own ghost costume. With just a few household items and a bit of time, you'll be set for a night of trick-or-treating.

Step 1 - Trim the hat brim
Snip off the brim of your hat.

If you'd rather not remove the brim, simply wear the hat backwards.

Step 2 - Gauge the costume's length
Drape the sheet over the person who will wear the costume. If it touches the ground, mark a comfortable length using a marker.

Step 3 - Mark the center and eye positions
With the sheet draped, mark the center of the wearer's head. Ask them to point out their eye positions from underneath the sheet, and then mark those spots for eyeholes.

Step 4-Secure the baseball cap
Take off the sheet and pin the baseball cap to the center mark. Add a few more pins around the cap to ensure it stays put.

Step 5 - Craft the eyeholes
Cut the eyeholes at the indicated marks, and use a black marker to outline them.

If you're feeling creative, use the marker to sketch a nose and mouth.

Step 6 - Finalize the length
Trim the sheet to the marked length. To don the costume, simply drape the sheet over and pop on the hat. Now, grab your treat bag and you're ready for an evening of trick-or-treating!

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