Commandments of Trick or Treating

10 Commandments of Trick or Treating

The Rules of the Pumpkin King 2024

Trick or Treat is to Halloween what Easter egg hunting is to Easter, Christmas trees are to Christmas, and summer heat is to the beach. To make your Halloween outing successful and safe, we've put together some rules and tips for you.

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The Usual Trick or Treat Rules

Celebrate Halloween on the right day:

Halloween is traditionally celebrated on October 31st. It would be pretty silly to go asking for candies in a ghost costume in early October.

Costumes are mandatory:

Without a spooky disguise, your loot will be smaller. Besides, a well-chosen costume enhances the joy of the Halloween experience.

Trick or Treat others also want to have something

Sharing is honorable: 

If you already get half of the candies from a nice elderly lady, there's no reason to ask for the rest. Keep in mind that other children would also like to get some.

Safety first:

Never go inside an apartment or house. Even on Halloween, the rule should be that you don't accept anything from strangers.

Respect others' property:

You should not steal the candies from other ghosts, and other people's Halloween decorations are off-limits.

Halloween many children at trick or treat

Don't overdo it:

Halloween is supposed to be fun, but it shouldn't bother or hurt anyone. Animals are off-limits, as are harmful pranks.

Check your candies:

While it's rare, you should be careful and check the collected candies before eating them.

Only ring at illuminated houses:

This is usually a sign that Halloween enthusiasts live here who enjoy distributing candies.

Halloween boy at trick or treat

Never walk around alone:

Safety first, and that applies especially on Halloween. Take friends, siblings, or parents with you on your candy hunt.

Be efficient!

Maximize your loot by being strategic and planning your route and tactics well.

Be prepared!

A large bag or backpack is a must for a successful candy collection.

Halloween Pumpkin King

Take the Halloween experience seriously:

It's not enough just to put a bowl of candies in front of the door. Participate actively and respect the traditions of Halloween.

Be innovative!

Why only visit private households? Try restaurants and bars that might also participate in Halloween.

Enjoy the time as long as you can!

After a certain age, you may not get candies anymore, so take advantage of the time as long as you're young enough.


Rules for Candy Givers

Signal your participation:

Decorate your house or front yard in line with Halloween to signal to the children that you are participating and distributing candies.

Be creative:

Have a few surprises ready, like a homemade candy slide or prepared candy packages.

Offer a variety:

Offer different types of candies to have something for every child.

Respect allergies:

Some children have food allergies. So also offer allergy-friendly options.

Stay friendly and respectful:

The kids are excited and want to have fun. So stay friendly and respectful, regardless of how they play Trick or Treat.

Never invite children into the house:

For everyone's safety, it's important that the children are not invited into the house. Hand out the candies at the door and respect personal boundaries.

With these commandments, all participants can enjoy a safe and cheerful Halloween celebration. Happy Trick or Treating!

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