Halloween Decoration Guide 2024


Halloween Decoration Guide 2024 : Spooky and Creative Ideas for Every Corner of Your Home

Halloween is right around the corner, and households all over America are getting ready for a memorable night. From sprucing up your living room to giving your house's exterior a creepy makeover, and even decking out your garden, not to mention setting up a stunningly eerie table arrangement.

This guide is just what you need. Dive into our collection of the spookiest and most imaginative Halloween decoration ideas to make your home the talk of the town.

DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

DIY Halloween Decorations Ideas

Guide to Decorating the Exterior of Your Home


Essential Halloween Garden Tips


Turn Your Porch into a Halloween Horror Haven


Halloween Decorations for Front Doors and Windows

Halloween-Dekorationen für Haustüren und Fenster

Outdoor Lighting for Halloween: Tips for a Spooky Home Exterior


Table Decorations for Halloween Parties

Tischdekoration für Halloween-Partys

Halloween Indoor Decor


Halloween Decorative Figures


Spiderwebs as Halloween Decorations.


Spooky Halloween Stickers

Halloween Sticker

When do you start decorating for Halloween?

In the first two weeks of October is the most popular time to start decorating for Halloween.
Of course, you can also start decorating as early as the end of September.

There is no right or wrong time to start decorating for Halloween.
Halloween Jack would prefer you leave your Halloween decorations up all year.

Be considerate of your neighbors.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Spooky sound effects and flashing lights can cause quite a disturbance night after night,
Therefore, limit anything that might disturb your neighbors to October 31.

A survey of 1500 adults found:

  • 3% of respondents said Halloween is the only acceptable time to put up Halloween decorations
  • 5% said that it is okay to put up Halloween decorations before Labor Day.
  • 8% had no opinion on this topic.
  • 16% said it was okay to put up decorations between Labor Day and September 30,
  • 21% said they thought people should not put up their Halloween decorations until between Oct. 16 and Oct. 30
  • 47% of survey respondents said they would get out their carved pumpkins and Halloween wreaths between October 1 and 15.

Shopping Habits for Halloween

Halloween is more than just a holiday for candy and costumes. It's a season when streets and homes are decorated with creative and sometimes spooky decorations. But what trends dominate the market, and how much do Americans really spend?

Total Halloween Spending:

In 2019, Americans spent nearly 9 billion dollars on Halloween. But how is this money distributed?

Spending on Decorations:

Decorations are an essential part of Halloween. In 2019, households spent an average of about $86 just on Halloween decorations. With around 128 million households in the US, this totals about 11 billion dollars. However, it's important to note that not every household decorates.

Spending on Costumes:

Costumes are often the most expensive item for consumers. Considering the available data from 2019 and based on average trends, it's estimated that about 3 to 3.5 billion dollars of the total Halloween spending goes to costumes.

Spending on Candy:

Candy is perhaps the most well-known aspect of Halloween. Americans annually spend over 2 billion dollars on Halloween candy, making it one of the biggest candy shopping times of the year.

Popular Decorations - Indoors and Outdoors:

Decorations differ from home to home, but some trends are evident. Among the favorites are:

  • Pumpkins: Whether real for carving or fake for display, they're a must-have.
  • Spiderwebs: These stretchy, sticky webs turn any room into a haunted house.
  • Skeletons and tombstones: Perfect for the front yard and a popular element for spooky scenes.
  • Animated decorations: These moving and often noisy decorations bring an extra "spooky factor" to any home.

Average Spending per Household:

How much do Americans fork out for this creepy holiday? According to NRF, in 2019, American households spent an average of about $86 just on Halloween decorations. This shows that this holiday is popular not just among kids but adults too.

Where Do Americans Shop for Halloween Items?

There's a range of stores either specialized in this holiday or at least allocate a significant portion of their shelves for it:

  • Party City and Spirit Halloween are two stores that offer a wide range of Halloween items.
  • Major retailers like Walmart and Target also increase their stock during the Halloween season.
  • Online platforms: Amazon and eBay are also key destinations for those looking for special or unique decorations.

Please note that this number is a rough estimate and can change based on annual trends and consumer preferences.

Source: The data is from the National Retail Federation (NRF) and their annual survey on Halloween spending.

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Halloween Guide

Here you will find craft tips, recipe ideas & make-up instructions for Halloween and any other scary occasion.