Halloween Decoration 2023

Halloween Decoration

Halloween: scary decoration ideas for home and garden 2023

Halloween is coming soon, and then it's time to decorate. How to prepare your home with pumpkins, bats and ghosts for the spookiest night of the year, you will learn here.

DIY Halloween Decorations ideas

Halloween decoration craft

Decoration for the outside of your house

Decoration for the outside of your house

Halloween Garden Ideas

Halloween Garden

Halloween Party Table Decoration

Halloween decoration craft

Cobwebs as Halloween decoration

Halloween Cobwebs

Halloween decoration figures

Halloween decoration figures

To make the scariest night of the year a success, the right Halloween ambience should definitely not be missing. 

Whether spooky subtle or bloody and playful: With these decoration ideas, you can transform your house and garden into a true haunted palace.

Halloween decoration for the outside of your house

Halloween House

Doors, windows, walls! Especially dry areas are completely uncomplicated to decorate for Halloween.

Even the porch, balcony or other covered areas and empty corners are among the spots that quickly and easily become spooky beautiful:

Window and door decorations

Stick Halloween symbols on windows and doors or hang something in front of them
Place spooky jack-o'-lanterns and the old witch's broom from the shed by the door
Position a large figurine with a bucket of candy by the front door, or even put already fair portions in stylish bags and containers - this way you'll please the kids even when you're not there
Enhance empty corners with stylish Halloween balloons

Best Halloween Garden Ideas

Best Halloween Garden Ideas

It doesn't really matter if you just want to decorate a bit for the neighborhood kids or if you yourself are on fire for the spooky season and desperately want a spooky Halloween garden.
You can conjure up great effects in your outdoor space relatively effortlessly and inexpensively.

  • Spread artificial cobwebs or spooky netting in trees, bushes and flower beds
  • Put out spiders, bats, cats and other mystical figures
  • Put a skeleton or ghost on the swing or seesaw in the garden
  • Make a witch campfire in your backyard for Halloween - with stick bread or marshmallows
  • Provide flickering lights with candles, lanterns and fairy lights - for example with homemade ghost bottles
  • Craft and paint tombstones out of cardboard, styrofoam, wood for your garden
  • Hang spooky leaf bags from trees and bushes:
  • For pumpkins, fill orange bags with leaves; then just tie them shut, paint pumpkin faces on them and hang them from tree branches
  • For ghosts, use scraps of fabric and old sheets; form the head out of leaves again and hang the ghosts by the neck with a rope so that the fabric overhang falls down as the ghost's body.
  • If you want to set friendly accents: Decorate the garden with decorations in bright orange and black.

Turn your garden into a cemetery

Halloween cemetery

Decorate the garden with pumpkins

Garden with Halloween pumpkins

Pumpkins are simply part of autumn. And also for Halloween, the colorful plants with their funny scary grimaces can not be missing. 

The best thing is: pumpkins come in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. Depending on taste.

You can either place the pumpkins plain or add a face. To do this, simply hollow out the pumpkin and carve faces or paint the pumpkins by hand. Acrylic paint is best suited for this.

Halloween Table Dekoration

Which accessories create an atmospheric ambience for the Halloween party?

For atmospheric lighting, you can use spooky Halloween lanterns.
These are usually available in a whole set.
They are decorated with scary faces, spiders, skulls or ravens.
They are made of paper - with the help of a wire you attach them to the ceiling.

You can create spooky light for the witching hour with an LED black light strobe.
Colored contact lenses on the guests or creepy make-up on their faces will look even better this way.

You can set further accents with a crime scene tape.
This police tape is also useful if you want to make certain rooms in your home inaccessible to party guests.
With it, you can create a real crime scene setting. In addition, spider webs are an important part of Halloween decorations.
You can place them in the door frame, for example, so that they catch the guests' eyes.

If you like it very fancy, you can choose the smell of decay in the party room, because it makes the celebration even more authentic.
The sulfur smell is available in a small bottle and can be dosed with the atomizer as desired.
So you spread the smell of death in every corner.

A little tip: You'll achieve the best effect if you spray the spray on old scraps of cloth and rags and then hang them up in the room as Halloween decorations.

Halloween Party Table Decoration

Halloween Party Table Decoration

How do I decorate the table for a Halloween party?

The right table decoration should not be missing at your Halloween party.
A tablecloth that seems to be soaked in blood makes a good base. On the right and on the left, the blood seems to run down.

Real eye-catchers on any table are stylish wine glasses in red.
The specimens look like real wine glasses made of glass, but are designed from shatterproof plastic - the better alternative for a boisterous party.

Or you can opt for wine glasses with a bloody imprint: here it seems as if the red liquid of life is running out of the glass.
The vessels are kept in white and thus form a strong color contrast to the bright red.

As an additional element on the dining table serves the plate with chopped off women's fingers.
On one side, these are equipped with neat French nails, the other side features blood and bones - as if the extremities had just been chopped off.

The fingers are made of latex and acrylic and provide a real shock effect when guests sit down at the table.

Equally frightening are the slippery eyeballs that you spread on the table as Halloween decorations.
They are gooey and slippery and with their disgusting look they are a must at every Halloween party.
Especially spooky: When it's dark in the room, the little balls glow and set accents on the table.

Halloween Cobweb

Cobwebs as Halloween decoration for a scary ambience

Spider webs are also part of every Halloween decoration.
As undesirable and disgusting as they may be, spider webs transform any room into a creepy party location in seconds.

The inscrutable network that will cause fear and goosebumps among your friends is a very special blend of elegance and mysticism.
There are not only conventional artificial cobwebs but also cobweb spray that can deceptively cover your furniture and Halloween decorations like the fine webs of the real eight-legged house inhabitants.

Bloody cobwebs will also provide a shock moment at your party.

Halloween decoration figures

Moving Halloween decoration figures as ghost train effect.

Moving Halloween decoration figures

But much more extreme than spider webs are Halloween corpse parts, Halloween tombstones, Halloween skulls or even Halloween animatronics as Halloween party decorations.
There is a huge selection of figures with light and sound, which are powered by battery or electricity and usually react to sounds or movements.

Seemingly all of a sudden, this Halloween decoration comes to life and provides a murder scare for your party guests.

Especially popular for a scary Halloween party decorations are witches, ghosts and demons that attract attention with gruesome screams, dangerously flashing eyes and creepy laughter.

With the help of scary stickers you will create a spooky surprise.

A special surprise as Halloween decoration is waiting in the bathroom for all guests of the party.
You can decorate the toilet lid with a spooky sticker.
It looks like a zombie is climbing out of the depths of the sewer in search of fresh human flesh.
Other stickers with blood motifs are available for the cistern - as if the juice of life is spilling over.

After the party, you can easily remove the stickers from the smooth surface.
There are similar stickers for the refrigerator.
The large sticker is placed on the front of the door.
This makes your fridge look like a cannibal's pantry: with various body parts everywhere you look.
In addition, many flies and other vermin can be seen on the deco foil. 

When do you start decorating for Halloween?

In the first two weeks of October is the most popular time to start decorating for Halloween.
Of course, you can also start decorating as early as the end of September.

There is no right or wrong time to start decorating for Halloween.
Halloween Jack would prefer you leave your Halloween decorations up all year.

Be considerate of your neighbors.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Spooky sound effects and flashing lights can cause quite a disturbance night after night,
Therefore, limit anything that might disturb your neighbors to October 31.

A survey of 1500 adults found:

  • 3% of respondents said Halloween is the only acceptable time to put up Halloween decorations
  • 5% said that it is okay to put up Halloween decorations before Labor Day.
  • 8% had no opinion on this topic.
  • 16% said it was okay to put up decorations between Labor Day and September 30,
  • 21% said they thought people should not put up their Halloween decorations until between Oct. 16 and Oct. 30
  • 47% of survey respondents said they would get out their carved pumpkins and Halloween wreaths between October 1 and 15.

Extra Tip:
It's worth rummaging around a bit in the attic or basement.
You might find a trinket or two for your Halloween decorations: old mirrors, scraps of fabric for spooky figures and ghosts, or cardboard boxes that you can turn into tombstones with a pair of scissors and some gray paint.

Happy Halloween

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