Crafting Classic Halloween Figures 2024

Halloween decoration figures

Creepy Halloween Decorations with DIY Tips 2024

Halloween has a rich tradition of decorations inspired by ancient myths and legends. Here's an overview of some of the most popular decorations and how to make them yourself.


Witches are often depicted as old women with pointy hats and brooms. The historical fear of witches and witch hunts has made them a popular figure.

DIY Tip: A simple witch hat made of black cardboard and a broom from sticks and twigs can make an easy witch decoration.


A symbol for the souls of the departed. Displaying ghosts during Halloween can be traced back to the belief that on this night, the spirits of the dead return.

DIY Tip: Use old white sheets to make simple ghosts. If you plan to hang them outside, use weatherproof materials or place them in a sheltered location.

Moving Halloween decoration figures

Black Cats:

Black cats have often been seen as companions to witches and are considered unlucky in many cultures.

DIY Tip: Use black felt to create simple cat shapes that can be placed on walls or doors.

Skeletons and Skulls:

Symbols of death and the afterlife, these figures remind us of life's fleeting nature.

DIY Tip: Papier-mâché can be used to craft detailed skulls or skeletons. If intended for outdoor use, coat them with weatherproof sealant.


Bats, often associated with darkness and night, are a recurring symbol in Halloween decorations, representing mystery and the unknown.

DIY Tip: Black cardboard or felt can be used to create simple bat silhouettes. Hang them with thread from the ceiling or attach them to walls for a spooky effect.


While pop culture has brought zombies to the forefront, they originally relate to tales of the undead rising from their graves.

DIY Tip: Old clothing can be torn and splattered with fake blood for a zombie effect. Pair this with a creepy mask for full effect.

Spiders and Webs:

During the dark and cold seasons, spiders are often associated with eerie, abandoned places. Spider webs, especially when covered in dew or fog, have a particularly spooky effect.

DIY Tip: Use white yarn or stretchy web materials to place spider webs in corners or over windows. Plastic spiders enhance the creepy factor.


Mummies evoke images of ancient tombs and pharaohs, wrapped in bandages and often linked to curses.

DIY Tip:
Use toilet paper or old sheet strips to wrap objects or even doors in a mummy style. Eyes peeking between the bandages heighten the scary effect.

Creepy Scarecrows:

Traditionally meant to keep birds away from fields, scarecrows in Halloween decor have taken a sinister turn, often representing lost souls or guardians of the supernatural.

DIY Tip: Use old clothing and stuff it with straw or newspapers. An old hat and a mask or carved pumpkin face give the scarecrow a creepy touch. Place it in the garden or on the balcony to scare visitors.


Beings that transform from humans to wolves during a full moon are classic figures in horror legends and myths.

DIY Tip: Use faux fur (from craft stores or old stuffed animals) to craft a werewolf mask or gloves. Combine with torn clothing for a wild portrayal.

Demons and Devils:

These creatures often represent evil and are feared in many cultures.

DIY Tip: Red or black capes along with horns (made of cardboard or plastic) can provide a simple but effective demon or devil representation.


Bloodsucking creatures of the night, often portrayed as counts or alluring immortals.

DIY Tip: Use white and red fabric to create a classic vampire cape. Plastic teeth and pale makeup shades complete the look.

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