Blood Candle – Halloween Decoration 2024

Halloween decoration blood candle

Bloody Candle - DIY Halloween Decor 2024

Ah, the joys of fall – when the days grow shorter and the cozy embrace of candlelight beckons us indoors earlier each evening.

Join us as we guide you in transforming simple candles into macabre blood-streaked masterpieces, worthy of the Hellraiser's admiration.

Materials for the Halloween Blood Candle

  • Large white candles
  • Red candles (ensure the candle is made of solid red wax and isn’t just coated with a red exterior)
  • Optional variation: bone-shaped candle
  • Assorted nail sizes (It's essential to have some large nails, but not an excessive amount. If the nails appear too bright or have an unwanted metallic shine, you can pre-spray them with matte black paint).

Halloween decoration blood candle

Making the Bloody Bone Candles

Simply press the nails into the wax using your hand. It might remind you of Obelix pushing nails into a wall just using his fingers.

Halloween decoration blood candle

For the larger nails, go slowly and with caution to prevent the wax from cracking or splintering.

Ensure the nails are placed randomly to avoid any noticeable patterns.

Halloween decoration blood candle

Adding a Spooky Touch with Bone Candles

For a hauntingly stylish variation, consider using bone candles.

Now, it's time for the red candle.

Light the red candle and gently drip its wax onto the center of the large white candle. The red wax will start to flow down the sides.

Continue this process until the entire top of the white candle is coated in red.


Always place a protective covering under your workspace to prevent wax from staining surfaces. Always adhere to safety precautions when working with open flames.

Halloween decoration blood candle

The Outcome

And there you have it — a Halloween blood candle in sleek Voodoo Hellraiser fashion. It casts a delightfully eerie glow in any setting.

Halloween decoration blood candle

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