Octo-Dog – Halloween Snacks 2024

Octo Dog

Octo-Dog from the Ghostly Lagoon

Who would have thought that from the dark, misty depths of the Halloween Lagoon such a creature would emerge? While this Octo-Dog seems to have come straight from the spooky depths, it's actually from your very own kitchen and ready to make a splash at your Halloween bash!


  • Hot dogs (canned or fresh)
  • Mustard
  • Peppercorns or capers


Begin by slicing 2/3 of the hot dog into eight lengthwise strips. Make sure you cut with precision to get all the "tentacles" of even width.

Octo Dog

Now, for the spooky part: Boil the hot dog in water. If you hear any screams, just ignore them - after all, it's Halloween! Let it cook for about 5 minutes or until the “tentacles” curl and separate.

Octo Dog

Remove the cooked hot dog and let it cool slightly.

As you arrange the Octo-Dog on a plate, add a creepy touch by placing two mustard drops on the upper, uncut part. Use a peppercorn or a caper for eyes to give it that final spooky look.

Octo Dog

Serving Suggestion

Lay the Octo-Dog on a plate covered with green lettuce or seaweed (thin strips of nori) to give the impression of a mysterious underwater world. Perfect for a memorable Halloween party!

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