Zombie Hand in Flower Pot – DIY Halloween Decoration 2024

Zombie hand in flower pot

Zombie Hand in a Planter - DIY Halloween Decor for 2024

Ever dreamt of becoming a zombie gardener? Here's a top-notch Halloween decoration just for you.

Perfect for those with a green thumb — or should we say, a green zombie thumb?

It might look challenging, but crafting your own zombie hand in a planter is a breeze!


Ready to create an eerily realistic zombie hand reaching out of a planter? Gather these supplies:

  • Alginate: This powder is used for creating impressions. It's simple to work with and can be easily sourced online. While the manufacturer suggests using about 3 cups for a full adult hand impression, I found that 4.5 cups are more accurate.
  • Plastic container: This will be used for the hand impression. Ensure it's tall and wide enough to accommodate the entire hand.
  • Plaster: To set the hand mold.
  • Water: For mixing with the plaster.
  • Plastic bowl: Used for mixing the plaster.
  • Spatula: For stirring and mixing purposes.
  • Wooden spatula or knife: Helpful for extracting the mold once set.
  • Planter filled with potting soil: To set the scene for your zombie hand.
  • Optional: Watercolors in a skin tone or regular makeup for added realism.

The crafting

Zombie hand in flower pot

Mix the alginate powder with water. Use a 3:1 water to alginate ratio. That means for every 3.5 ounces (about 100 grams) of alginate, you'll need 10.1 fluid ounces (about 300 ml) of water. So, for 14.1 ounces (about 400 grams) of alginate, you'd use 40.6 fluid ounces (about 1200 ml) of water, and so on. Pour the alginate into a plastic impression container, filling it as much as you can. This ensures easier removal once the alginate solidifies.

Start by adding the water to the container and then gradually mix in the alginate powder. A few small lumps here and there are okay, but try to avoid larger ones.

Zombie hand in flower pot

Once you've got the mixture ready, you need to move fast! The alginate starts to set in just a few minutes.

Strike the most dramatic pose you can with your hand...

Zombie hand in flower pot

... and submerge it deep into the liquid alginate mixture. Ensure your hand is completely enveloped by the alginate. As per the manufacturer's suggestion, try to maintain around a 0.8-inch (approximately 2 cm) distance from the container's sides.

After immersing, give your hand a quick wiggle to help release any trapped air bubbles. Be cautious to avoid touching the sides of the container with your hand..

Hold your hand steady and patiently wait for the alginate to set, which should take around 3-5 minutes.

Zombie hand in flower pot

Once the alginate has set, you can begin to gently extract your hand from the mold. Start by wiggling your hand slightly. You'll feel the alginate start to detach from your skin.

If needed, you can use a wooden spatula or something similar to aid in the process. Then, with a gentle twisting motion, carefully pull your hand out of the mold.

Zombie hand in flower pot

Next, prepare the plaster. The consistency should be fluid enough to pour into the mold smoothly. However, avoid making it too watery, as this will extend the drying and hardening time.

Zombie hand in flower pot

Pour the fluid plaster into the mold. Tilt the mold slightly to allow any trapped air to escape, ensuring the mold fills up completely without any gaps.

Zombie hand in flower pot

Now, it's a waiting game until the plaster hardens and dries completely. Ensure that the plaster is thoroughly dry before attempting to remove it; otherwise, you risk breaking the fingers.

Zombie hand in flower pot

Now for the most thrilling and rewarding part: Unveiling the casted hand. Gently peel away the alginate, breaking it off bit by bit. Be especially cautious with delicate areas, like the pinky finger!

Zombie hand in flower pot

And there you have it – a glimpse of what your molded hand might look like.

Zombie hand in flower pot

While the hand already has an impressive appearance, you can enhance it further with some paint. To achieve the most unsettling effect, aim for a skin tone that's eerily lifelike. Alternatively, you can opt for a ghostly bluish hue for an ethereal touch.

Zombie hand in flower pot

And just like that, you have a stunning hand plant ready to display in your living room. Any hobbyist gardener would be proud of this creation!

The Result

Zombie hand in flower pot

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