Eyes Cocktail with Machete – Halloween Drink Decor Tip 2024

Eys Cocktail witch Machete

Eyes Cocktail with Machete - The Eye-Cocktail for the Eerie Halloween Buffet

A cocktail that enchants your guests with a poisonous green and spooky eyeballs is the Eyes Cocktail with Machete. 

It forgoes the sugar rim but impresses with sweet eyeballs and its toxic color.


  1. Choose the Drink: Clear (or at least light) beverages are most suitable here. These could be simple sodas or even alcoholic drinks like vodka or gin.
  2. Color Your Drink: Dye your party drink with green food coloring to make it look properly toxic.
  3. Prepare the Eyes: Purchase or make candy eyes that serve as a creepy decoration.
  4. Prepare the Machete: Skewer a candy eye with a cocktail machete and let it sink into the glass.
  5. Decorate the Table: Spread additional eyes across the table to enhance the spooky atmosphere.

Tips and Variations:

  • Different Eyes: Experiment with different sizes and colors of candy eyes to achieve various effects.
  • Themed Decoration: Complement the decoration with other Halloween elements like spider webs or bats to create a cohesive theme.

You have just created an Eyes Cocktail for your Halloween buffet that easily! This spectacular drink will surely draw attention and might even become the conversation topic of the evening. Enjoy the chills!

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