Ice-Cold Hand in the Punch Bowl – Halloween Drink Decor Tip 2024

Ice-Cold Hand in the Punch Bowl

A Chilling Hand in the Punch Bowl - Halloween Drink Decoration Tip 2024

Is your Halloween punch ready but still not looking spooky enough? 

Add a chilling ice hand to your punch bowl! It's terrifyingly good!


  • 1 bowl of your favorite punch
  • 1 disposable glove (without talcum powder)
  • Water


  1. Prep the Glove: First, thoroughly rinse the glove with water. Be sure to purchase gloves that are not treated with talcum powder. Fill the glove with water and tie the end securely.
  2. Freeze the Hand: Place the filled glove in the freezer. It's best to leave it overnight to ensure it's completely frozen.
  3. Prepare the Punch: At your Halloween party, freshly prepare the punch of your choice.
  4. Unleash the Ice Hand: Just before serving, take the frozen glove out of the freezer, remove the glove from the ice, and place the ice hand into the punch bowl.
  5. Add the Finishing Touches: For an extra creepy effect, drizzle some syrup over the hand. Green woodruff syrup creates a particularly disgusting look, while red strawberry syrup resembles blood. A small plastic spider can add the right "spice" to the punch.


  • If you want, you can fill the glove with juice instead of water to prevent the punch from becoming diluted. You can even color the juice for the Halloween punch with food coloring. As the ice hand melts, it will leave colored streaks in the punch!
  • Keep in mind that if you use high-proof alcohol in the glove, it may not freeze!

This chilling hand in the punch bowl will surely be the talk of your Halloween party. Enjoy the frightful fun!

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