Witch Heads – Halloween Treats 2024

Witch Heads

Witch Heads - A Bewitching Treat for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and what could be more fitting than delectable Witch Heads to sweeten the mood? These treats are not only spooky to look at but also delightful to taste! This simple recipe transforms everyday ingredients into enchanting witch portraits that are sure to steal the spotlight.


  • Red and green icing pens
  • Marshmallows
  • Dark cookies, e.g., OREO®
  • 2 oz of dark chocolate
  • Marzipan with black food coloring or pre-made black fondant
  • Icing sugar paste for attachment


1. Crafting Witchy Faces

Start by melting the dark chocolate. Using a toothpick, draw a face on the marshmallow to represent the witch.

Witch Heads

2. Setting the Cookie Base

Separate the cookies from their cream filling. Mix powdered sugar with water (or alternatively with lime, lemon, or orange juice) until a thick paste forms. Apply this mixture to the bottom of the witch's face (the marshmallow) and affix the marshmallow onto the underside of the cookie. Pro tip: Use gloves to avoid sticky fingers!

Witch Heads

3. Shaping the Witch's Hat

Knead together the marzipan and black food coloring until a smooth dough forms. If using fondant, ensure you knead it for about a minute to make it pliable. From this, shape small, pointed witch hats. Attach the hat to the cookie using the icing sugar paste. Press gently and allow it to dry.

Witch Heads

4. Final Touches

Enhance the completed witch heads with the icing pens, drawing in the brim of the hat and sketching green hair. Let your creativity shine by adding more details to make each witch uniquely yours!

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