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Halloween Candy Corn in a Pumpkin

Candy Corn 2023: An American Halloween Tradition

Candy corn, a traditional U.S. Halloween candy, derives its name from its tricolor cone shape, symbolizing various stages of corn kernel ripeness.

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The Origins of Candy Corn

Though the exact roots of candy corn remain uncertain, George Renninger is often credited as the inventor in the 1880s, working for the Wunderlee Candy Company, the first to mass-produce candy corn.

Halloween Candy Corn

The Candy Corn Ingredients

Despite its symbolic resemblance to corn, candy corn is primarily made up of sugar, corn syrup, carnauba wax, colorings, and binders.

The Making of Candy Corn

While most steps are mechanized today, candy corn's recipe and production process remain largely unchanged. Each color required its mold, necessitating three repetitions of the process.

Halloween candy corn with skull

Candy Corn Popularity in the USA

Candy Corn’s popularity in the U.S. is evident with over 9000 tons sold annually. However, it's also a divisive candy, adored by some and strongly rejected by others.

Candy Corn Availability

While a staple of U.S. Halloween traditions, candy corn is now available throughout the year, in various colors, flavors, and shapes.

Halloween candy corn in a bowl

The Right Way to Eat Candy Corn

According to a 2013 NCA survey, 46.8% of Americans eat a candy corn whole, while 42.7% start with the white tip, and 10.6% begin with the yellow end.

The Shelf Life of Candy Corn

An opened package of candy corns will last between three and six months, while an unopened package can last up to nine months, according to the NCA.

Halloween Candy Corn in bags

National Candy Corn Day

The origins of National Candy Corn Day, one of the entries in the candy holiday calendar, can be traced back to the National Confectioners Association (NCA).

Why is National Candy Corn Day Celebrated on October 30?

While there's no concrete reason for choosing October 30 as National Candy Corn Day, the association with Halloween explains the selection.

Here's wishing you all a delightful National Candy Corn Day. Enjoy it wherever you are in the world!

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