Halloween Candy – Pumpkin Peeps

Pumpkin Peeps

Pumpkin Peeps 2024: The Sweetest Halloween Tradition 

What Are Pumpkin Peeps?

Pumpkin Peeps are a staple of the Halloween celebration in the USA. These sweet, marshmallow-like candies shaped like pumpkins are hard to miss during this time of year. With their bright orange color and sweet facial features, they make an ideal addition to any Halloween event.

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The Origin of Peeps

The Peeps brand belongs to Just Born Quality Confections, an American candy manufacturer based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Originally introduced in 1953, Peeps were initially intended for the Easter holiday, but quickly gained popularity and are now available as Pumpkin Peeps for Halloween.

The Making of Pumpkin Peeps 

Pumpkin Peeps are primarily made of sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and less than 0.5% of a mix of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. They are molded in special shapes that give them their characteristic pumpkin face. Afterwards, they are dusted with fine sugar to give them their distinctive shine and texture.

Halloween and Pumpkin Peeps

The popularity of Pumpkin Peeps during the Halloween season can be attributed to their cheerful colors and designs, their sweet taste, and their festive mood. They are not just a popular candy, but can also be used to decorate Halloween parties or adorn baked goods.

How Can You Enjoy Pumpkin Peeps? 

Pumpkin Peeps are not only suitable for direct consumption, but can also be used in various recipes. You can drop them into hot chocolate or coffee, roast them over a campfire, or use them as an ingredient in your favorite desserts. Your creativity is the limit!

Pumpkin Peeps and Sustainability

Just Born Quality Confections, the maker of Peeps, is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. They strive to make their packaging more environmentally friendly and support various non-profit organizations. Thus, you can be sure that your Pumpkin Peeps are not just delicious, but also ethically correct.

Peeps are more than just a candy - they are an American Halloween tradition. Whether as a treat for trick-or-treaters, as decoration, or as an ingredient in your Halloween recipes, they definitely bring the spirit of Halloween into your home. Enjoy them during this festive season!

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