Banana Ghosts – Halloween Treats 2024

Banana Ghosts

Banana Ghosts - Spooky Snacking Done Right!

Halloween is the ideal time to get crafty and whip up some spooky, delicious treats. If you're searching for a treat that's both healthy and in keeping with the Halloween theme, then these Banana Ghosts are just for you!

Not only are Banana Ghosts tasty, they also offer a healthier alternative to typical sugary treats.

The best part? They can be prepared in just a few minutes!

Instructions for Banana GhostsIngredients:

  • Fresh bananas
  • Dark chocolate (for melting)


  1. Preparation: Line a tray or plate with parchment paper. This makes it easier to set the bananas after decorating them.
  2. Cutting the Bananas: Slice each banana in half to get two equal pieces.
  3. Melting the Chocolate: Melt the dark chocolate either using a double boiler or in the microwave until it's smooth and runny.
  4. Drawing the Faces: Using a small brush or a toothpick, paint spooky faces on the cut ends of the bananas. Think creepy eyes, a jagged nose, and a gaping mouth.
  5. Cooling: Place the Banana Ghosts on the parchment paper and let them set in the fridge. This typically takes about 10-15 minutes.

Serving Suggestions:

Banana Ghosts aren't just a fantastic snack on their own, they pair wonderfully with other Halloween treats. Serve them on a platter alongside other fruits, nuts, or even some cookies. Both kids and adults will be thrilled!

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